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Galina, 35.

I have just finished a course of LPG massage. I have got rid of cellulite, my body measurements have decreased by 5 cm and my legs have taken the same toned shape as they’d had before my pregnancy. I have lost 5 kg and my weight remains stable. Apart from LPG I also maintain a healthy diet and take fitness classes. I must admit though that the result hugely depends on the therapist as well. I am so grateful to Irina for her professionalism, good prices and excellent quality.

Anna, 27

LPG Lipomassage- is a miracle way of getting rid of excess weight, a pain-free and effective method of weight-loss. My weight has been stable for a long time and I could not lose my excess kilos. But thanks to Lipomassge and Irina’s recommendations I have managed to get rid of them, as well as my fatty stomach. My overall shape has been nicely corrected. The result has revealed itself quite fast. Irina, thank you so much!

Abeda, 57.

For many years I suffered from constant body ache, cramps and water retention. I was also overweight and had a lot of cellulite. After doing 12 sessions of the Lipomassage I feel 30 years younger. I have no body aches and everyone comments on how much weight I have lost. I would definitely recommend the LPG Lipomassage.

Thank you, Irina for giving me my confidence back.  


My name is Anna and I would like to tell you a story of my transformation with Freya Beauty Clinic. I’ve never been skinny, but you wouldn’t call me fat either. At 17 I already had curves, but I was very active and had quite a sporty figure.

Then I started working. I’ve got an office job that I have been doing for the past seven years. Eighty percent of the working hours I spend on my office chair in front of the computer screen. Irregular eating habits involving plenty of take-a-way food, inactive way of life have made my weight jump to 72 kg, with my height 162 cm. At the same time my figure was quite flabby, I had a lot of fat around my waist and hips, but quite slim calves and arms. I couldn’t bare look at myself in the mirror. I stopped buying nice clothes, giving preference to dark colours and loose silhouette. Luckily for me it did not have a major influence on my private life, my partner was supportive, even though me met when I was much slimmer.

In July 2012 he proposed to me. I was so happy, but I felt that there was no way I wanted to be getting married looking the way I looked. I made a promise to myself to drop 17 kg and weigh 69 kg at my wedding day which was scheduled for February 2013. I started searching for the slimming techniques and various diets over the internet. Looking back at my previous attempts at losing weight I realised that I couldn’t do it on my own especially in such short period of time. A work -colleague suggested that I should use advice of some experienced weight loss coach. I found some clinics and private sessions on-line, but my final choice was made in favour of Freya Beauty Clinic. They developed an individually targeted diet plan, that was easy to follow and recommended that I should keep an eating diary.  I found this task quite interesting and it helped me watch my daily calories.

I started losing weight and feeling better overall and also having more energy! But as my weight was dropping, the fat and cellulite on my hips seemed to not react on the diet and exercise. At the clinic they also offered an anti-cellulite procedure called LPG Lipomassage.

From the first moment I tried it I realised that I would carry on doing these sessions, even if I did not see much effect from it. Because it was so pleasant and relaxing! But I managed to see the result even after the first procedure. My body ached as if after exercise. And then after each session I started seeing a more toned and sculpted body and eventually saw a newly formed waist and that my cellulite was disappearing. At the beginning I couldn’t see it while standing, and later when I squeezed my hips and buttocks it was not noticeable then as well. I had a tight schedule at work, but still I tried my best to attend massage sessions regularly and follow a well- balanced diet.

And here are my results at the end:

10.07.2012- Waist 93 cm, hips 104 cm, chest 106 cm, weight 72 kg,
16.12.2012 -Waist 74 cm, hips 95 cm, chest 101 cm, weight 57 cm.

Irene, I cannot find enough words to thank you for your advice, support, professionalism, positive outlook, and talent!

Natalia, 35

 I am at a loss for words to say what impressed me more: Lipomassage or Irene (the owner of Freya Beauty Clinic and Freya Diet Clinic). You know, it’s hard to describe. From the first moments it’s a kind of magic. It’s not just a simple beauty treatment - communication with Irene in itself is also part of the therapy. The way she talks, the way she listens to you, her sincerity, and a warm approach. She convinces you that you ARE already beautiful and harmonious, and that you will become just irresistible! How can you go to McDonalds after such words?!

Lipomassage is just a fairytale experience. You feel like a different, renewed person after each treatment - so light, as if your old skin has been removed and then a new one has been put back, beautiful, tender, silky soft... And all the fat has been scraped down . I can feel each tiny muscle on my back now, it’s so pleasant, as if she is a sculptor and has moulded my body afresh. And the skin on my buttocks is different now, and everywhere else of course, on my legs etc. It’s just because it’s my favourite part of the body. All in all my skin is so nice, and my whole body is changed - softand smooth - and you can feel the warmth all over it. And that's after only six sessions.

Andrea, 38

It has been almost two weeks since my last Lipomassage. Nevertheless I can still notice the improvements that me and Irene and have achieved in eight sessions, namely:

1. Cellulite has almost disappeared. My husband has mentioned it to me (and you rarely hear compliments from him).

2. The outlines of my figure from the waist down to the hips have become smoother,
my ‘love handles’ have completely disappeared and mywaist has become more pronounced. I now spend more time in front of the mirror without clothes, admiring my new figure, especially the way I look from the side and from the back.

3. I stopped having lower back aches.

And now the most important thing for me personally:

4. I feel much better physically now, I do not have the chronic fatigue that I’d been suffering from for the past few months.

5. I feel much better emotionally. I feel I can deal with any problem, with any task, that I can achieve a lot! I say this, because only half a year ago I was in despair, depressed from the amount of problems I had, and it felt like there was no end to them. And now the feeling I have is like I was on a nice holiday and came back rested, full of energy, fresh ideas, thinking ‘I can manage any task’!

I wonder how long this positive drive will last?! Will it stay with me till summer? In any case I know where to recharge it - at Freya Beauty Clinic.

Sandra, 42

Lipomassage is like a confession of love to your own body!!! I am so happy that I let my body feel loved and cared for. I haven’t done it for ages. I wanted to beg forgiveness from my body, that I haven’t done it sooner, that I ignored such a demonstration of Love towards myself.

I cannot find words to describe it. My body is very grateful, it’s joyful and delighted! As if something that’s been hiding deeply inside is coming out. I’ve never thought that massage could have such an impact on the emotional side of the person.

It’s a great experience! It’s beautiful!!! It’s powerful... It’s magical... Thank you, Irene, for your professionalism and bravery in opening an LPG salon, making this procedure accessible and affordable - not only for celebrities!

Michaela, 38

This year I decided to tighten up my tummy and this time I mean business!  It’s just I’m so fed up with having this mushy muffin-top I’ve got in addition to my two lovely kids. Since I’m not planning on having any more, I’ve got no more excuses to make. After having weathered some pretty big phases of weight gain during my pregnancies I feared that diet and exercise alone wouldn’t give me the desired results. Actually, I’m pretty sure they won’t, because I’ve been working out  really hard and eating healthily and, though I’ve lost a lot of weight, my stomach still spills out of my jeans.

Since I’ve given a good old-fashioned exercise a thorough go (and it didn’t break stubborn fat), I have decided that it was wise to get some extra “help”. I was not prepared to go under the knife for liposuction, so I started researching less invasive, but not less effective procedures. I came across the new Lipomassage by Endermologie. At the moment it is the only scientifically proven technique, targeting the fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Here is how this treatment works: you strip down, then slip on a body stocking (think of a unitard made out of pantyhose), then the specialist massages your body with the machine’s new Ergodrive head, which is equipped with a bunch of motorized rollers that lift up and knead your skin in various different directions. This mechanic stimulation of the skin’s surface is proven to stimulate a deep biological response to eliminate fat cells, reduce cellulite, firm the skin, improve lymphatic drainage and overall reshape contours of your body-all without any cutting, sucking or other unpleasant actions. I was told that I may see results after the first session, but should commit to at least six or eight sessions, getting two a week to start reaping the benefits.

But I must admit I felt a little slimmer after the first treatment, though it wasn’t until my third treatment that I started to notice really visible results. I could see that my stomach skin was more toned, less squishy and didn’t have that bloated look. I was so impressed! Maybe it was a slight body change that only I would notice, but it was definitely enough to make me a believer, and I ended up doing a total of 10 sessions. Each week I saw a little more improvement, and by the end of five weeks I’ve gone down one size, my tummy got flattened, my skin’s tone and elasticityhave improved tremendously,  and my self-confidence has been given a much desired boost!

The most challenging part of the whole process was finding the time to fit it into my busy day, but once I made it to Freya Beauty Clinic and lay down on the table, I was thrilled to get those 45 minutes of “me” time, and the procedure itself is actually very relaxing! I must say without exaggeration that it was just a treatment I needed to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. So while I did have to shell out a lot of money and put in the time, I feel like I’ve gained a whole new wardrobe, as well as some much-needed body confidence. Like most beauty salons nowadays, Freya Beauty offers a discount. If you buy a series of 5 sessions (£175), you will get 1 session free, for a series of 10 (£300) you will get 2 sessions free, which I believe is very reasonable for such great results. I am very happy that I discovered this revolutionary method which I highly recommend!


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